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PAKISTAN - All about Basant!
(project presented by Beaconhouse Liberty Campus, Lahore PAKISTAN)

In spring a festival called Basant is celebrated. People wear colorful clothes, fly kites of different colors, shapes and designs, give gifts, sweets, cakes and other delicious food. Every one looks happy on the Basant day. We also decorate our houses and shops. There are flowers all around. We blow bonfire at night. We arrange different parties and get togethers. Some children make their kites by themselves. Basant is a festival to welcome spring. Everyone enjoys flying kites on the Basant festival.
(Aimen Anwaar and Fatima Shahbaz 3g)
Types Of Kites
There are many different kites in Pakistan. For example;
We fly kites with the help of strings. Some are hard and some are soft. Kites are made up of paper and long thin pieces of wood; some kites strings are hard that could cut our hands and necks.
(Marukh, Aimen and Malaika 3g)

Basant is celebrated in all over Pakistan.People wear green and yellow clothes. People like to fly Kites. They eat tasty foods and different sweets. We enjoy music. We have big parties. Some strings of kites are dangerous due to their sharpness. We decorate our houses with ribbons, balloons and lights.
(Minahil and Khadija 3g)

Basant is a day of festivity. Everyone is in a happy mood with lots of colors all around. We celebrate Basant in schools. Basant is also called Jashan-e -Baharaan. Kite flying is one of the events of the day. Everybody is on the rooftop with their families flying different types and colors of kites. Variety of food stalls and dishes are prepared. The people who celebrate Basant also wear bright yellow and green clothes. Drummers are ready to beat drums on Basant.
(Zara and Abeer 3g)
project presented by Beaconhouse Liberty Campus, Lahore PAKISTAN
Here is a short video about the festival of Basant

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