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    {xxxx9564.jpg} Making Kites {83368372_d408af69d8_b_2.jpg} Flying Kites {xxxx9565.jpg} Making Kites
    Children and adults both fly kites and have fun with family and friends on this day. In India houses have a flat terrace, which is where most people fly their kites. If not they fly it in an open ground. The kite is tied with a thin, strong string and the sting is attached to a big roll of strings which is held with the hands so more string can be released or pulled in. A game people play is to cut others’ kite and see how many they can cut by the end of the day. They get the thread intertwined with one another and pull on the thread until one of the strings breaks.
    Kite{OW_FighterL026B.jpg} "Patang" - a typical Indian fighter kite
    making and
    flying by Students of Kendriya Vidyalaya ,Fort William,Kolkata,India by Teacher Mrs.Pratima Nayak
    January ,2014
    {OW_FighterL026B.jpg} "Patang" - a typical Indian fighter kite
    (This slideshow shows students from Choithram International School making kites
    and enjoying sweets to celebrate Makar Sankranti on January 14, 2010)
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