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Mingde Elementary School - Changchun, China

Mingde Elementary School

Students from Mingde Elementary School in Changchun, China made beautiful kites with the help of teachers and parents. Then they flew them in the culture square.
Here are some pieces of writing the students did with photographs of their project.
Bird Kite in Cultural Square

"Flying Kites"

"I love spring, because I can fly a kite in the park. Flying a kite is my favorite hobby. It was a windy day. I was carrying a kite to the park. In the park, I saw many people flying their kites. “Oh, my god.” I said. There are many beautiful kites flying in the sky, such as birds, pandas, snakes, kangaroos, and so on. Now, I can’t wait any longer. I wanted to fly my kite. I saw my kite flying in the sky. I felt very happy.

Oh! How I want to become a bird and fly in the sky!"

Playing With Kites

"Playing With Kites"
"Last Month my classmates and I made two beautiful kites in the classroom. One was butterfly, another was the bat. Some were red, the other were blue.

Then my teacher took us go to The Wenhua Square and played the kites. The Wenhua Square is very big, the green grass is here and there. There were many people who were playing kites. We ran and jumped so that the kites could fly. The butterfly and the bat kites danced with the wind blowing, they looked like the living. The kites flew higher and higher in the sky, they became smaller and smaller. There were many kites in the sky, such as fish, swallow, dragonfly and so on, they were colorful.

We were happy, we had a good time."

-Yang Sihan
Class ten, Grade four

To Make a Kite

"To Make A Kite"
"When I was a little girl I liked to play the kite. I often played the kite with my mother. When I saw the kite flying in the sky, I wanted to be a bird. I wanted to make a kite by myself. I thought it is too difficult for me to make a kite by myself.

One day, my classmate’s father came to our class to teach us how to make a kite. We were very excited.
The kite was made of paper, rods, and iron wire. First, cut a piece of diamond paper, and put some rods on the paper. Second, take the paper and the rods together by glue. Third, put the iron wire around the wood. Look! A new kite!
It’s easy to make a kite; I can do it by myself, too."

-Yuan Jingyi