Year 2011

This year in the project activities were included pupils of our branch school Topol and pupils in after-school care of Primary school Preska.

The project is dedicated to a Polish doctor and writer Januszu Korczaku, which was a major supporter of children's rights. He was a newspaper editor and founder of the orphanage. His belief was very affectionate as well as their clients at the occupation of Poland did not leave, but with them went to camp in Treblinka and then completed his career.
IEARN International Project - Talking Kites encourages children around the world to think about the different conditions of life in different parts of the world, highlights the importance of children's rights, children learn about the differences between peoples and nations, in particular, stresses the need for tolerance and acceptance of diversity.

The main objectives were:
1. spread tradition of descent of dragons around the world
2. application of knowledge in making dragons
3. learning using different media types.


From OŠ Preska

This year our children dedicated their kites to the children of Japan.